20 July 2005

The Olympics...O Hell...

It was recently announced during my absence from this lovely blog that the International Olympic Committe has successfully dropped baseball and softball from the sporting roster in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Wow, France and England, why not just chop off America's massive penis since that would be a better lashing from your piss parade. One would easily think that the global anti-American sentiment felt by a majority of the world (and all of Los Angeles) would stay out of the Olympics; however, the smaller nations participating in the IOC flexed the insignificant power given to them to bat away at a few gold medals the US would certainly get. Jacques Rogge, the IOC President, has repeatedly shown a devotion during his term to do away with athletes doping up to do well in sports. This is a great mask as far as baseball goes, for it has shown a colorful past with players on steroids. What you must note is that the players known to have doped up are usually playing Left Field for the San Francisco Giants while bringing in $22 million or simply were in competition with Sammy Sosa to see who could break the home run record. At the same time, if we are trying to go for the axe on sports that are doped up, why not drop track&field or weight lifting? Hey, have you heard about doped up swimmers like...o, I dunno...Michelle Smith or the entire Chinese swim team? What is mind boggling is the fact that synchronized swimming remains on the roster for London and not baseball or softball...the artform "sport" makes me wonder if a replacement for baseball could be some branch of American Idol. It may as well be since it has more of a physical and mental endurance than a pirouette in the water! The entire ordeal is a hypocrisy to the fact that the IOC has clearly stated that it wants an increased female involvement in the Olympics. What does it do to achieve this? It drops softball. Brilliant.

02 June 2005

The Europeans DO Have Brains...

For once, I must say that the Europeans actually have a resemblance of sense as far as politics go. The French and Dutch have rejected the constitution set forth by the European Union, thus making a powerful body of the EU with its own president and higher judicial system seemingly impossible. France apparently is just coming to the level of the English-speaking, deodorant-using Americans in its overall annoyance with Jacques Chirac, for their rejection of the treaty makes a third Chirac term nearly out of the question. On Wednesday, the Dutch rejected the constitution as well through a series of various referendums. Of course, the people of Amsterdam claim that they don't want the EU constitution on a basis that it would possibly seize their rights to smoke a Mary Jane, pay ten Euro for a romp in the sack with a hooker, and then have the right to kill off a relative in the hospital with a "terminal illness." Yes, the Europeans show the typical liberal ignorance in their motives for rejecting the latest from the UN's spawn, but it actually helps. The European Union simply is not the way to combat the looming threat of a powerful China. It means having the nations give up certain rights just to have a powerful, centrist government...aka Chirac Monarchy. The continent of Europe needs to put down the pot and alcohol for just a minute to actually reconsider the EU tide. Just like the United Nations, the European Union is an old piece of foreign policy spawned from WWII. Reform it or flatten it and start from scratch...feeding the European Union with more power is exactly the same as giving Michael Moore cake...it fuels an evil, hulking conglomerate that should have been shot down years ago.

01 June 2005

Welcome...Place the EU and the UN in the Overhead Bin and Enjoy the Flight.

Thank you for flying with us today. Please sit back and listen to a welcoming note from the sponsor. There are probably at least 894,672.48076 political blogs out in the world of AOL and Google...so why should I start mine? Honestly? I just want one. I'm probably not the kind of person that is going to be drastically different from every other blogger out here; however, I can play the piano and lash out against liberals at the same time. Yes, I know...what a talent. I create this in an attempt to show the teenage, Reagan-loving, reactionary-esque view of global happenings. Should you be offended, get the hell off my blog. It's mine...if you want to be peace-loving and tree-hugging, get your own spot...I suggest the green template. This is the chance for political views and articles from a 16-year-old with a rather large infatuation with Ann Coulter. and Laura Ingraham. and Margaret Thatcher. and Condi Rice. OK...I just love all conservative women. Nevertheless, I DO entertain your input and will listen to it...of course, I will fire away at the opposing views. I thank you for spending your time with us, and now you may sit back and enjoy your venture.